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Justin Bieber is one of the most significant pop artists of our time. His rise to fame started at a very young age after he was recorded singing on a street. His today’s music sets new trends and influences other artists as he usually works with the best songwriters and producers in the game. “Sorry” is a song from Justin’s album “Purpose”, which quickly brought the audience to their knees.

E F# A B B
E F# A B E G# B
E F# A B B
E F# A B B
F# A C# C# B A F#
D E E E C# D E E E E D C# B B C# B
E E E E C# D E E E E D C# B B C# B
A D E E E C# D E E E E D C# B B C#
A A B C# A D C# C# D C# B
F# A C# C# B A F#
F# A A A A E A B C# B
F# A F# F# A A A A C# G# F# E
F# F# A A A A E A B C# B

With our letter notes you’ll be able to learn this song in no time! The song is easy but catchy, it’s just what a pop song should be. If you want to learn more popular songs on a piano, make sure to check out our “Wrecking Ball” and “What Do You mean?” tutorials.

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