River Flows In You – piano numbers & notes

How to learn playing classical compositions on a piano.

Today we’re going to learn “River Flows in You” by Korean pianist and composer Yiruma.
This astounding and soothing composition was composed around 2001. Why astounding?

Well, just give it a listen, this song is just incredible. An interesting thing is that “River Flows In You” is thought to have been used in “Twillight” movie series, however it has been mistaken for another fine composition.
Are you interested in learning this piece? With our letter notes you’ll be able to learn it in a blink of an eye! Just follow the letter notes.
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A G# A G# A E A D
A C# A G# A G# A E A D
A C# A G# A A G# A A E A A D A C# D A E C# B
A G# A E A B C#
C# D E D C# B
A G# A A G# A  A E A A D A C# D E C# B E B A
A B C# E A C# D E E C# D C# B
A B A G#
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