Requiem for a Dream – piano

how to play on piano requiem

Requiem for a Dream” is a shocking, yet beautiful movie from 2000.

The letter notes can be found later in the article!

Apart from dark and brilliant plot, the movie got famous for its soundtrack, which fits so well with the atmosphere. The movie’s theme is a composition written for a string quartet but you can play it on a piano and it will still transfer the same emotions.

A# A G DA# A G D

A# A G D

C A# A A# A#

A G D A# A G

D A# A G D

C A# A A# A# G

A# G A# G – 4 times

A# G A# A

A# A A# A – 5 times


G A# A# A#


A# A# A# A A A



A# A# A# A#

A G D A#

A G D A#


A# A A#

Easy piano song

With our letter notes you’ll be able to learn this composition in less than an hour even if you are a beginner piano player! Just play the notes accordingly to our tutorial and mimic the rhytm from the composition. It’s actually that simple! If you want to learn playing similar compositions on a piano, make sure to check out our “Star Wars” and “Hallelujah” tutorials.

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