Minecraft music / piano soundtrack

How to learn playing video game music on a piano.

Minecraft is a sandbox video game released in 2009. Thanks to its revolutionary mechanics and simplicity, it became one of the best selling games and paved the way for other titles.

This creativity-stimulating game features amazing piano soundtrack, which gets stuck in your head after first 30 minutes of gameplay. With our letter notes you’ll be able to learn playing it in no time!
A E A B C# B A E D F# C# E C# A
A E A B C# B A E D F# C# E C# A
G# A
E F# G#
B C# F#
C# E G F# D A B
G F# D A B
E A C# D C# A E F# D
B C# D C# D F# C#

Just make sure to follow our letter notes carefully and you’ll be good to go! Minecraft music is calm and simple, which makes it a very good example to learn for beginner piano players.

If you want to learn playing more music like this on a piano, make sure to check out our “iPhone Ringtone” and “Undertale” tutorials.

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