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Welcome to “Most Popular” category, where you can find the most popular songs as well as the ones our users visit the most. This section is for everyone who wants to keep up with current music trends as well as get to know classic songs. This section will always have the hottest, up-to-date radio hit songs and classic must-know songs and compositions dating hundreds of years back. Don’t be confused if you see Justin Bieber next to Ludwig van Beethoven, that’s just how things work here. If you’re new to our website, please read the “Start Here” page. You will get all the information you need to start learning songs from our website. In the “Start Here” section we explain how our letter notes system works and that’s crucial for your easy learning process, so make sure you get the basics down first. If you’re completely new to our website, you might want to start with the “For Beginners” section, which features only the easiest songs such as “Jingle Bells” and “Happy Birthday”. These songs are very easy and with our letter notes you’ll learn them in a matter of minutes. Make sure to also grab a set of stickers and stick them onto the keys of your keyboard instrument so you don’t have to waste time looking for the right note! Here in “Most Popular” category are songs that will most definitely impress your family and friends as they will probably know most of them. This category is very helpful if you need to learn something that will entertain the company. Go through each song individually and master it the best you can. Remember to take breaks as they solidify what you’ve learnt. A few-minute breaks every now and then make you progress faster than a sustained practice of a few hours would. Every lesson has a description of the song so you can learn more about the artist or the song itself. That’s all there is to it. Now all it takes is to pick a song, read the letter notes, watch the instructional video and start practicing over and over again until you can play it fluently.

Our new learning method will help you learn thrice as fast! Our users state that learning with colorful letter is a fun way to learn from scratch!

If you would like to learn playing your favorite songs nice and fast without unnecessary hours spent on theory, notes and other complex stuff, read the instruction, pick one of our tutorials and just start playing! It's really that simple :) At our website you'll find also letter tutorials and articles with advices.