Are you just starting your keyboard adventure? These easy songs will be the right choice for you. All it
takes is to watch the video tutorial and then follow the letter notes.

Welcome to the “For beginners” section. In this category, you will find the easiest songs to learn on our site. We’ve carefully selected the ones that have the most simple melodies and require no previous piano skills. If you are new to our website and piano in general, make sure to start with the “Start Here” page, where we explain how our method works. You will learn everything you need there to start playing the piano or any other keyboard instrument. Don’t forget to get a set of stickers we’ve prepared for everyone who wants to make their learning process easier. In this section on the other hand, you’ll find music gems such as “Ode to Joy”, “Jingle Bells” and “Happy Birthday” all of which are classic songs we believe everyone should know. These songs are easy to learn because we hear them very often, which makes us familiar with the melody, rhythm etc.
“For beginners” is the section for all newcomers and people who have no idea how to play the piano or any other keyboard instrument. Don’t start with any other section, even if you feel adventurous and self-confident. Explore the beginner category and try to learn as many songs as possible. This will be helpful later on, when you are ready to move on to the next sections. Remember that you don’t have to force yourself and learn song after song. Take breaks once in a while and repeat the songs you already know as it will only make you better and better. Once you learn most of the songs in the “For Beginners” section and feel like you can play them fluently, feel free to move on to any other section like “Most Popular”, “All Songs” or “Christmas Carols” if it’s that time of the year! The first one contains all the popular songs and must-learns most visited by people. Keep on discovering new melodies and rhythms and enjoy the sheer pleasure of playing music. You’ll become a confident and fluent piano player with time! Keep revisiting our site to maintain and improve your skills!

Our new learning method will help you learn thrice as fast! Our users state that learning with colorful letter is a fun way to learn from scratch!

If you would like to learn playing your favorite songs nice and fast without unnecessary hours spent on theory, notes and other complex stuff, read the instruction, pick one of our tutorials and just start playing! It's really that simple :) At our website you'll find also letter tutorials and articles with advices.