In this section you will find all the lessons Christmas Carols we have at our disposal. They are particularly useful when the Christmas season is coming. Our Carols collection is probably the most approachable on the Internet thanks to our method of teaching piano. We prepare easy letter notes for each lesson to help you find your way on the keyboard better. The way it works is we substitute traditional sheet music with letter notes, which are more beginner-friendly. Sheet music takes some time to learn how to read properly – our method doesn’t! Head over to our “Start Here” section to learn more about the system. It is also essential to get a set of stickers we’ve prepared and stick them onto the keys of your keyboard instrument. This way you won’t have to search for the right key too long. The “Christmas Carols” section offers Carols such as “Silent Night” and will continue to grow in size. Piano Christmas Carols are usually slow, which makes them great to learn for a beginner keyboard instrument player. If they happen to be too difficult for you, pick some lessons in our “For Beginners” section. You’ll find a lot of easy songs these, which you can learn in short amount of time. Our lessons come with song descriptions, which will give you some background information on the song’s origin and quite often some trivia. You should have no greater problems with our lessons as they are all beginner-friendly. All it takes is practicing over and over again and you’ll get to the point where you can play a song without even looking at the keyboard! Make sure to revisit our site as often as possible to keep your practice consistent. It’s a good idea to set our website as your homepage. Also, don’t hesitate to take a break once in a while as they will only solidify your skills. It’s very healthy to reset your brain and fingers when practicing an instrument. You don’t have to wait for Christmas time to start learning Christmas Carols. Get ahead and be ready when the winter comes!

Our new learning method will help you learn thrice as fast! Our users state that learning with colorful letter is a fun way to learn from scratch!

If you would like to learn playing your favorite songs nice and fast without unnecessary hours spent on theory, notes and other complex stuff, read the instruction, pick one of our tutorials and just start playing! It's really that simple :) At our website you'll find also letter tutorials and articles with advices.