Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen piano notes

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There’s no doubt, that Queen is one of the most iconic rock bands in the history of music. The combination of attitude, energy and top shelf music is probably what their success consists of.
Their most popular song is arguably “Bohemian Rhapsody”. T

A# C
D D# F D# D C
C D D# F D# D C
D D C A# C D
F G# A G
F# G A# A# A# A# D C
G F G G# G
G# G G F F
A# A# F F G G G# G# A# G# G F G A#
F G D#
A# B C# B C# B A#
his six-minute long beauty had a hard time getting accepted by radio stations but exceptions were made and the song became everyone’s favorite right away! In this lesson, you’ll be able to learn it in the easiest possible way. All you need is a keyboard instrument and a bit of drive! Study the letter notes for a while and play the corresponding keys on your instrument. The instructional video below will provide some more help considering rhytmical aspect of this song.
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