Adele – Rolling in the Deep – piano notes

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Adele was a music discovery of 2008 and continues giving her best at writing the best music possible. The combination of vocal and songwriting talent is undeniable here.

Her most recognizable songRolling in the Deep” has topped multiple music charts and even won her a few grammy awards! We’re lucky because the core of this song is the piano and with our letter notes you won’t have any problems learning it!

G G F D# C
G G F D# C
G A# G F D# C C  D# D# D# D C C
G G F D# C C G G F D# C
A# G F D# C C D# D# D# D C C
G G F D# C G G F D# C
G A# G F D# C C D# D# D# D C C
G G F C G G F D# C
G A# G F D# C C D# D# D# D C C
G G F D# D# D# G G D# C
G G F D# D# D# F D# G D# D# D# G G F C G G F C G G F D#
G A# G A# G C
C A# A# G A# G A# C
A# G A# G A# G C
C A# F# G G#
G G G# G F D#

Here, with Easy Letter Notes you’ll learn playing almost every song on the piano or keyboard. Doesn’t matter if you are beginner, intermediate or expert. If you own a keyboard instrument, we’ll help you learn all these songs easily! We’re doing our best to provide you with as many tools as you need. One of them are our stickers for the keyboard of your piano. You can find them to the right of this tutorial.

All you have to do is stick them onto your keys you’re all set! Now you won’t have any problems finding the right keys. You can now start reading the letter notes but it’s also important that you follow the video we provide for “Rolling in the Deep”. It will explain how the song is played very easily. The simulation works a bit like a karaoke. You basically have to play the correct keys as soon as the noteblocks hit the keyboard. Press the keys down until the note disappears. That’s basically it, Adele doesn’t write the easiest songs but after enough practice, you’ll get the hang of it!


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