Uptown Funk – notes to flute and keyboard

old piano keyboard

Mark Ronson’s „Uptown Funk” featuring Bruno Mars was a huge hit in 2014. Combining Mars’ vocal talent with an oldschool funky vibe made the artists hit the charts.

It’s no secret that learning this song is really beneficial. We”ve prepared a sheet of letter notes to help you learn it easily. If you’re having some trouble with the letter notes, our videos will surely give you a hint on how to play the song. Not often does such a fine piece of music dominate the music charts. The song is full of old synthesizer sounds, which may remind you of the 80’s and 90’s music. It’s still a pop song, so learning it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Especially with all the learning aids we’ve provided!

Our suggested plan of action for you is to first off print the set of stickers we’ve prepared. You can find the to the right of this tutorial. They will help you find the right keys if you are a beginner piano player. If you know your keyboard well, feel free to skip this step. Once you have the stickers, you try to play “Uptown Funk” with our letter notes. Please notice that different colors indicate various octaves. Last learning aid we provide is an instructional video, where we show you how to play the song properly. Once you play it, you’ll understand how it works. It’s like a piano karaoke. Learning this on a keyboard might give you a slight advantage over piano because you can choose a synth sound that’s similar to the one in the song.