piano tab – Treat You Better – Shawn Mendes

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Easy way to learn playing pop music on the piano with tabs

Shawn Mendes gained a following in 2013. His fame came from his amazing covers, which he would post on YouTube. The artist stole the show with his single “Stitches”. Today however, we’re going to take a look at a song from his second album “Illuminate”.

The song “Treat You Better” has around 1.5 billion views on YouTube and is quite easy to learn on piano or keyboard. You can use our letter notes and the instructional video learn it easily. Despite his young age, Shawn Mendes has some extraordinary songwriting skills! “Treat You Better” is an extremely catchy pop song.

That means the melody is rather easy to play and it just sounds good. We’re here to make the learning easy for you. With our stickers, you can set your keyboard for an easy piano practice. This way you won’t have to look for the right keys for too long. The song is slow, which is very beneficial for beginner piano players. If you’re learning on a keyboard instead of traditional piano, you can look for the right sound for this song. It will probably be some kind of guitar palm mute sound. Anyway, once you have your keyboard set up, you can start reading the letter notes and playing the corresponding keys. It’s very easy and only takes a bit of practice. To help you even more, we provide an instructional video, which you can slow down for more precise practice. The video will show you how to play the song melodically and rhythmically.