piano keyboard notes for Justin Bieber – Love Yourself

method of playing letters

Easiest method to learn playing pop music on the piano.

Unquestionably talented Justin Bieber has blessed us with his “Purpose” album in 2015. The album is very polished and consists of very good music. The song “Love Yourself” has over billion views on YouTube and was co-written by Ed Sheeran!

Don’t get fooled by the guitar – it can be played on piano or a keyboard. You can easily learn “Love Yourself” with our easy letter notes. Especially, if you download and print out a set of our key stickers, which you can put on your keyboard or piano.

Tutorial for beginner keyboard and piano players.

Make sure to correctly stick them on your keys, so you don’t have problems when learning.

This song is really special as it reminds of JB’s starting point in his career, which was street performance with a guitar. You can still find those videos on YouTube!
The best way to learn “Love Yourself” are our letter notes and the instructional video you’ll find below. The video will teach you how to perform the song. It will help you with maintaining the rhythm, which is important in basically every song. The way it works is that when the noteblocks touch the virtual keyboard, it’s your time to play the correct key. Remember to press down the key as long as the noteblock’s lenght. The video is on YouTube, so you can always slow it down and practice at a slower pace. Once you get that down, return to the original tempo. “Love Yourself” is worth the time, because it’s a great song to sing, too!

Our new learning method will help you learn thrice as fast! Our users state that learning with colorful letter is a fun way to learn from scratch!

If you would like to learn playing your favorite songs nice and fast without unnecessary hours spent on theory, notes and other complex stuff, read the instruction, pick one of our tutorials and just start playing! It's really that simple :) At our website you'll find also letter tutorials and articles with advices.

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