Katy Perry – Dark Horse – simple piano tutorial

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The easiest way to learn playing pop music on the piano.

Katy Perry keeps amazing her audience with catchy songs coming out year after another!

“Dark Horse” is no exception. This song incorporates trap music elements, features a verse by Juicy J and of course Katy’s specialty – catchy hooks. That’s not all, it’s very easy to learn, especially with the letter notes we’ve prepared for you.

The notes show you the melody of the song and to learn it even more easily, we have our own set of stickers that you can print out. They are to the right of this tutorial. They will help you find the right keys faster and basically speed up your learning process.

Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” is one of her most popular songs, but also one of the easiest. You shouldn’t have any problems even if you are a beginner. All you have to do is just follow the notes and play the corresponding keys on your piano or keyboard.

Tutorial for beginner keyboard and piano players.

What we cannot include in the letter notes is the rhythm of the song but no need to panic. We provide a video for each lesson so you can see how to perform the song and brush up on the rhythm.

Start the video and play the right notes on your instrument once the noteblocks hit the virtual keyboard. What’s good about this technique is that you can slow down the video anytime you want and practice the song at your own pace. Then of course, go back to the original tempo and try to nail “Dark Horse’ in one go. Repeat over and over again to become more consistent.