Justin Bieber – Baby | How to play – piano version

bieber song

How to learn playing pop songs on the piano.

I believe there’s no need to introduce Justin Bieber. This talented 24 years old singer has made it big in music industry. His music is now sold worldwide but it all started with this one. “Baby” is the song that made Justin Bieber famous. Some love it, some might hate it but we’re gonna learn it!

Below there are letter notes for this song. All you have to do is follow them and play the corresponding keys on your keyboard. To make it easier, grab yourself a set of stickers we’ve provided. You can find them right next to this lesson, to your right. The stickers will help you learn playing the piano or keyboard and will speed up your remembering process.

The keys on their own don’t tell you much but with the stickers on them, you can remember a lot more! Justin Bieber’s “Baby” has been a very popular song, which used to occupy the number one place if it comes to the most viewed videos on YouTube. Then Despacito came. Despite indifferent rates, Justin Bieber’s “Baby” ended up on everyone’s lips. With our easy letter notes, you’ll be able to learn this hit song in no time. Make sure to watch our instructional video, where we explain how to play the song.

When the noteblocks fall down onto the virtual keyboard, that’s when you play the corresponding note. If the video is too fast for you, don’t hesitate to slow it down and practice this way. After the practice, return to the original tempo. Good luck with the song!