simple popular song: Mi Gente

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How to play pop music on the keyboard instruments

J Balvin is a singer from Colombia, who has been on the rise lately. With rising popularity of Latin music, the artist made a name for himself and has collaborated with many popular musicians.

We have prepared a tutorial using letter notes to help you learn his song “Mi Gente”. It’s a very distinguishable song with almost 2 billion views on YouTube. It’s also very easy to play so you shouldn’t have any trouble with this one! Latin songs are famous for this syncopated drum rhythm and moderately slow tempo.

These are some of the features that make them great songs to learn as a beginner piano or keyboard player. The peculiar melody at the beginning is made out of a vocal slice, so playing the song on a keyboard might be more satisfying as you can choose a similar sound or even record your own voice if you have a pretty good keyboard.

First off though, we recommend you to download and print out a set of stickers from our site. Apply them onto your keyboard, this way you won’t have to spend unnecessary time looking for the right key. Now all it takes to learn “Mi Gente” is to play the corresponding keys. For more help, make sure you watch our simple video tuto on how to play this song. The timing and rhythm will be pretty clear as you try playing the song to the video. You can always slow it down if you experience any difficulties. Once you get it down, go back to original tempo.