Shape of you

The easiest way to learn playing pop songs on a piano.

Letter notes tutorial for beginners.

It’s safe to say that 2017 was a very successful year for Ed Sheeran. He made it big with his song “Shape of You”, which stayed at the top of the charts for a long time. The song is outstandingly catchy, yet very simple to perform, which is a “recipe” for a successful pop song. No need to worry, even if you are a beginner piano player. With our letter notes you’ll be able to learn this song in a blink of an eye! Just follow the notes letter by letter and play them on your keyboard. After you learn the melody, try working on the rhythm and voilà!

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Minecraft music / piano soundtrack

How to learn playing video game music on a piano.

Piano tutorial for beginners.

Minecraft is a sandbox video game released in 2009. Thanks to its revolutionary mechanics and simplicity, it became one of the best selling games and paved the way for other titles.

This creativity-stimulating game features amazing piano soundtrack, which gets stuck in your head after first 30 minutes of gameplay. With our letter notes you’ll be able to learn playing it in no time!

Just make sure to follow our letter notes carefully and you’ll be good to go! Minecraft music is calm and simple, which makes it a very good example to learn for beginner piano players.

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The easiest way to learn playing popular songs on a piano.

Piano tutorial for beginners.

James Arthur is the winner of 9th edition of The X-Factor. He auditioned as a stressed out, unemployed 24 year-old, now he’s living it up making music which people love. His beautiful cover of Shontelle’s “Impossible” made him win The X-Factor and go down in the music history. He makes a good example, that you can really make it if you have it in you! We have prepared a letter notes tutorial so you can learn “Impossible” in a matter of minutes! All you have to do is play the notes in the correct order! So easy! Once you get the hang of it, try to mimic the song’s rhythm.

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Imperial march

How to learn playing movie scores on a piano.

Tutorial for beginners.

You know something’s going down when you hear the first sounds of this melody!

It’s the “Imperial March” from Star Wars scored by the master himself – John Williams.

The composition is distinctive for its sinister aura but also a beautiful melody. Even though the composition is not that hard to learn, it will require some exercise. To make it easier for you, we have prepared a set of letter notes to help you learn playing this composition in a blink of an eye, so fear not! Alternatively, you can start with our other Star Wars tutorial. And if you want to learn playing more movie scores, take a look at our “I See Fire” and “He’s a Pirate” tutorials.


How to learn playing classic rock songs on a piano.

Easy tutorial for beginner piano players.

After The Beatles broke up, John Lennon focused on his work as a solo artist. He released the “Imagine” album featuring a song of the same title. This song went down in history as unconventional, yet beautiful and charming. The composition opens up with a charming melody accompanied by a chord progression. We have prepared a set of letter notes to help you learn “Imagine” in a blink of an eye. Just play the notes letter by letter. It’s very simple!
Don’t discourage yourself if you are a beginner, just try a couple of times. You’ll get the hang of it!

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Hello – Adele

How to learn playing popular songs on a piano.

Tutorial for beginner piano players.

The charismatic British singer Adele has stolen people’s hearts with her beautiful songs. She first gained a lot of attention when she wrote and released “Rolling in the Deep”. After her successful start, she kept impressing the audience with new songs such as “Hello”. This emotional composition is a great opportunity to learn the piano. The tempo is quite slow and the melody is simple.

With our letter notes you will learn this song really, really fast even, if you are a beginner piano player. Just study the letter notes we’ve prepared for you and find the corresponding keys on your piano or keyboard.

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piano letters

Letter notes – instruction


I’m very glad you’ve joined us. In a moment, you’ll find out the most effective method to learn piano – letter notes! No notes, no complicated theory and no effort needed! Are you ready? Let’s go!

How to read letter notes?

Basic things you need to know:
Every key on the keyboard (or any other keyboard instrument) has its own assigned letter: C,D,E,F,G,A,B. On our site you’ll find a lot of letter notes – everything you have to do is press the keys in the right order maintaing the right rhythm.

Why do letters have different colors?

As you can see on the picture above, the keyboard is divided into 5 parts called “octaves”. The letters reoccur in each part so in order for you to be able to differ between those parts and press the right key, each octave has different color. Our revolutionary way using colors makes learning of your favorite songs easier and faster!

What about the black, shorter keys?

Between some of the white keys there are shorter, black keys, which we desribe in the following way: Right side of the „C” key, lies „C#” key (C-Sharp). Right side of the „D” key lies „D#” key (D-Sharp) and so on.
Letter note colors also change for these keys depending on an octave you have to play them in.

Speed up your learning process even by 200%!

You can progress in piano playing even faster if you use our special stickers on your keyboard – you’ll receive them absolutely for free if you >sign up for the newsletter< After you do that your only concern will be to find the right keys on your keyboard! – in just a couple of minutes you’ll be able to play songs you’ve only dreamed about!

After mastering the basics, we’ll move on to more difficult pieces.

Some pieces require you to press more than one key simultaneously, such technique will correspond to the folling notation: For example (FA) means you have to press down F and A key simultaneously.

That’s it!

Now all it takes is to choose a song, watch a tutorial and play it beautifully!

For now we recommend:





Rocky! “Gonna fly now” – piano

C C  C C C 
C C (CE) C C C
(CE) (CE)  (CE) (CE) (CE)  
(CE) (CE) (CEG) (CE) (CE) (CE)
(BDE) – 14 razy.
E G A  A B E
E G A  A B E
C C (BC) (BC) (AC) (AC) (GC)
(CF) (BE)

Have you had enough of theory?

“Gonna Fly Now” by Bill Conti is featured in the “Rocky” movie series. It’s one of those songs that get stuck in your head because you very often relate them to certain movie scenes. For me personally, this kind of music is all about motivation and hard work. “Gonna Fly Now” is a good example of perfect choice of instrumentation by the composer.

Learn playing the piano faster with our letter notes!

Follow our simple letter notes tutorial to learn the song in little to no time. Although brass instruments predominate in the composition, it still can be played on the piano and similar instruments. If you want to learn more songs like this one, check out our “Eye of the Tiger” and “We are the Champions” tutorials.

How piano letter notes can help you


In todays article I’ll tell you why you should think about add letter notes to your learning process Read more…

We Are The Champions – Queen


E F# F# G A G A G A G A
D C# D Cis A F# H F#
D E F# A F#
Cis B
G F# G F# E
F# D G F# D

Queen song

If it comes to classic rock music, Queen is undeniably one of those bands that situate at the top of the rock legends history. Their unique music style and charismatic frontman (Freddie Mercury) have left their trace in the popular music history.

Without sheets!

“We Are the Champions” is one of their most popular songs and with our simple letter notes, you’ll learn it in no time. This song is perfect for beginner piano players as it opens with a delightful piano part which then progresses into an epic rock anthem. If you want to learn more classic rock songs like this one, check out our other tutorials for “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica and “Always” by Bon Jovi.